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Herbal Anti Pimple Face Pack/ubtan

This herbal facial ubtan is a perfect cure for pimples. It has Tea tree oil that can dry out your skin and triggers your skin overproduce its own oil and make your acne worse. It also comprising paper mint beneficial in the topical treatment of acne. It is cooling to the skin and inhibits bacterial growth.


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Henna Tulsi Soya Protein Shampoo

Buy Org'era Herbal sulphate free Shampoo Henna Tulsi with soya protein sls paraben free online at low price at orgeraindia.


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Buy Herbal Moisturizer Online

Buy herbal moisturizer on line. Herbal moisturizer is best of oil7 & non oily skins. Herbal moisturizer fight against dryness skin and keeps skin smoothness for a day long.


Facial Toners | Toners Skin care

Natural facial toners buy online at an affordable price.  Natural facial toner is best skin care products.  these  Face Toner Spray  are  best for hydrate, clear up and exfoliate and brighten the skin. Natural Facial toner can help close pores and tighten cell gaps after cleansing and reduce the impurities.  Visit:-http://bit.ly/39HI99b

Skin Care Ubtan | Glowing Skin | Herbal Ubtans

Org’era has a range of skin care herbal ubtans for glowing skin.


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Bestseller. Buy Herbal Hair care Products Online on Orgera Online Store . Shop purely sls paraben free Hair care products , Ayurvedic Hair care products including Ayurvedic Hair Oil with natural ingredients




This is a herbal skin tightening face pack ideally suitable for men and women both to attain their flawless skin. It will not only help you with noticeable skin lightening but also take care of other issues like blackheads, whiteheads, dark spots, pigmentation, sunburn etc.

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How Your keep your Skin and Hair Healthy in the Winter

Most of the people loves Winter season, but your skin and hair never like all that dryness. Learn how to protect them this winter.

Use Serum before lotion

If you’re not familiar with serum, it’s time to add Facial Serum into your nighttime routine. it doesn’t contain fillers and is usually made with higher-quality ingredients. it penetrate the outer layers of your skin, delivering antioxidants deeper into your face. Put on lotion after serum to seal in the ingredients.

Never Use blow dryer

This is the season to Avoid hot water in the shower because it’s harsh on both skin and hair. if hot water is a must, wash your hair once a week and use sulphate free  shampoo  with natural ingredients between washes. 

Drink water

The main problem during winter is dry skin. Cold weather and dry winds extract moisture from your body and make skin dry. Staying hydrated helps in maintaining your body moisture and prevents dryness. Drinking sufficient water hydrates skin and keeps it norished. 

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You Can Save Your Skin From This Hazardous Air Pollution

Every year when Diwali festival is over. The pollution that the festival leave in its wake is all we are left with now. The smog and the Hazardous Level Air Quality affect us in ways for which we have no concrete solution.

Skin is the only organ in the body, gets affected first. But there are some small tips how you can save yourselves and your skin from the harmful effects of dangerous air pollution.

Pollution  make your skin sensitive results in burning, stinging, prickling and a tight-feeling along with intolerance to color cosmetics and shaving products. It further increases skin sensitivity which accelerate skin ageing due to collagen matrix breakdown and brown spots.


  • It is safer wear long-sleeved shirts whenever you go outdoors and get scarves to cover your hair so they do not dry out. This will primarily help keep air pollution particles off your skin.
  • Always Keep air conditioner filters clean so that they can trap pollutants that try getting indoors. Always Put on Ayurvedic sunscreen before going out, even in winter.
  • To fight blackheads and blemishes, exfoliation once a week is necessary. To get rid of these dead skin cells for use any Ayurvedic Face mask contains neem rose or othere Ayurvedic ingredients.
  • Use Argan oil serum rich in L-ascorbic acid and other antioxidants like Vitamin E, which helps build a skin defence system.
  • Keep a facial toner spray at hand. And spray frequently to keep your skin fresh and hydrated.
  • Use hair and skin care supplements rich in biotin, vitamins and minerals.